Strava Exploration

This quantified-self analysis centers on five years of my running and biking data. Locations, durations, and elevations are analyzed and visualized using R and Leaflet.js.

Ingredient Networks

Analyzing a corpus of 30k+ beer recipes. This project utilizes python's webscraping capabilties to collect recipes from The corpus is then analyzed and visualized with R and D3.js.

Quantifying LA Cuisine

Comparing cuisines in Los Angeles by measures of popularity and cleanliness. This analysis examines nearly 15k food establishments in LA with the help of Python, R and Javascript.

DataViz Battles - 2018

A collection of static, dynamic, and interactive data visualizations created for monthly competitions on the dataisbeautiful subreddit. This friendly competition will take place in each month of 2018 and is in its inaugural year.

US Business Statistics

An interactive view of the census department's Statistics of US Businesses dataset. This project showcases D3.js on the front-end and leverages R Shiny for back-end data management.

Barcode Remix

A circular take on the movie barcode. This small project includes an overview of automated image collection capabilites in python as well as basic image processing techniques in R.